Force Toast: A Star Wars Happy Hour

Ep 14: From a Slurtain Point of View

Episode Summary

The one where we wait patiently for any worthwhile Star Wars news and don’t complain about the lack there of at all. GTFO and go suck on the teat of Episode 14 of Force Toast: A Star Wars Happy Hour.

Episode Notes

It's a Force Toast Sleepover! Put on your big girl panties, slap a Korean moisturizing mask on your face and try not to suck at Battlefront II. This is Episode 14 and hosts Alyce and Laura are here* to get you caught up on Star Wars news, rumors and what they're reading while we all patiently wait for Thrawn: Treason.

What's in the news? Not much, so let's talk rumors (nothing spoilery). What can the Sith troopers tell us about what's to come in TROS? What in the actual f!ck is Project Luminous? Will there be a new TROS trailer at the D23 Expo? A poster? Anything new at all? Or are they just going to throw everything from Celebration and SDCC in the back of a van and pass it all off as new? Time will tell.

Sorry for the buzzing audio after the drink break - for one minute we forgot to turn the air conditioner off, but we promise it's brief.

Lastly, we share our boozy beverage pairings for each of the Star Wars films, which is probably the most valuable contribution we've made to the Star Wars fandom to date.

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*This podcast contains a sh!t ton of profanity and boozin. You can find a bleeped version of this podcast absolutely nowhere. Cheers!